My poker chips (Michał)

As 18xx players we know, that playing without poker chips is really, really hard. With paper money you will waste a huge amount of time because you regullary have to change money and you constantly will ask other players, how much money their companies have. This things could be done fast with poker chips. Last week my friend go back from Holland and bring me package with new poker chips 🙂
Why from Holland? Because I already had some of that chips (model Vision) and wanted to have more. I don’t want to mix poker chips from various manufacturers and in Poland you can’t buy that chips anymore. Moreover I found on Internet that you can buy excatly that chips only in Holland (in 2 companies) or in Greece (in 1 company). So, look at my chips denominations:


I know, that many of you prefer less amount of denominations, but to be honest, I love how they looks like, so I had all types 🙂
And here you can find, how much of them do I have:

Denomination Quantity Value
1 50 pcs 50
2 50 pcs 100
5 45 pcs 225
10 70 pcs 700
25 10 pcs 250
50 50 pcs 2500
100 70 pcs 7000
500 25 pcs 12500
1000 30 pcs 30000
5000 25 pcs 125000
SUM 425 pcs 178325

I still want to buy 15 pcs of “5”, 10 pcs of “10” and 10 pcs of “25”.
What do you think about chips? What is important for you in poker chips?


2 thoughts on “My poker chips (Michał)

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    1. Ano, brak symboli pokerowych i brak waluty to bardzo fajna sprawa, bo żetony są bardziej uniwersalne i nie “kłują” w oczy w grach różnego typu. Niestety największą wadą akurat tego modelu jest fatalna dostępność (w Polsce są resztki 3 nominałów, w cenie 1zł sztuka; sprowadzane z Holandii – 1,33zł sztuka; szczęśliwie znajomy był w Amsterdamie i mi je odebrał więc odpadł koszt przesyłki).


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