How it’s look like: 1822 The Railways of Great Britain

Are 18xx games ugly? Look at this gallery and judge yourself.

Game: 1822: The Railways of Great Britain
Edition : All-Aboard Games Edition with mounted board
Year: 2016
BGG link:

The Box:

All game components:

Main map:

Bank Pool and earnings board (fully laminated):

All tiles:

Cards printed on a thick paper (the best I have ever seen!):


Companies tokens:

Companies charters:


What I do not like:
The map is printed on a normal paper and it can be easy damaged 😦
The print is also not the best one – my office laser copy makes better prints 😉

There are about 20 damaged tiles:

The tiles are the smallest I have ever seen! The first one from the left is from 1822, next ones: 1893(my print), 18Ireland, 18CZ, 1846.

The biggest on from 1846 and the smallest one from 1822 :

and they are not flat 😦

Fortunately for so small tiles, there are small station tokens:

Now, looking at the quality of the game edition, I would order a version with a laminated board. In my edition, it is the only element susceptible to easy damage :/

If you have such a board? Please, send us photos, we will publish them to have a comparison with our version.


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  1. I just got a message from Scott from AAG: “The 1822 tiles die is fussy and some tiles are not as perfect as others. Can you send me a photo of the ones that are bad? I can send repalcements.”


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