18XXPL => RailsOnBoards :)

Hello 18xx friends! Some of you might already knew, that I and my friend Magole ran blog about 18xx games which was called 18XXPL (PL because we live in Poland). We are newbies in that kind of games, but we are full of passion. Since May 2017 we (I think) did nice job to 18xx... Continue Reading →



Dear friends, Our first post on this blog was written in 16/05/2017. It's eight months since now, and we are so happy that we still have so much power to do this stuff, and we are also proud that we have so many readers. Because we want to do the best what we can, we... Continue Reading →

Michał (Elemele) vs 18xx in 2017

As you might know, I started playing 18xx games in March 2017, so that’s report is after 10 months of playing. I’m so lucky that I had opportunity to learned this kind of games and I love them so much. I love them, because when I'm playing my brain is burning and working more than... Continue Reading →

Learn 1846 with… Eric Brosius!

Eric Brosius is known as one of the biggest fans of 1846 by Tom Lehmann. With technical support by Richad Shay, he put 5 videos on YouTube where he is teaching 1846. Eric recorded more that 200 plays in 1846, so we absolutetly can call him as an 1846 expert! Enjoy and learn 🙂 Episode... Continue Reading →

18XXPL in statistics

Last year was so crazy. I played 18XX game for the very first time, and I fall in love 😉 If you will ask me to play game this days I will always propose an 18xx games, even if there would be only me and you. I tried 1889 and 1846 in two players game, and... Continue Reading →

18Mex – Viva la Mexico!

Foreword: This years January in Poland is really awful. Temperatures about 0 Celcius degrees, no snow, barerly everyday little rain. Everything around us looks grey. I hate weather like this. I don't like winter either, but winter (with snow) would be much more interesting than this. Why do I talk about weather? Because the latest... Continue Reading →

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